16 January 2010

Stirve Like A Cockroach

As I was staring at the pail of laundry just now in the bathroom. A picture came to my mind. What picture? Ha... A picture of a cockroach striving to stay alive when it accidentally falls into the water. It's very funny to have such picture popped up to my mind out of no where.

Thus, I concluded that every living thing will try to strive to live especially when they are facing problems in life. However, many times, many of us will tend to give up especially after trying so hard but the result is still the same/ still disappointing. It is just like the cockroaches, every one of them will strive to save their own life when they drop into the water. However, not everyone of them will be able to get out from the water. Some even die there. But at least they have tried their best until the very end of their lives.

If a cockroach can strive until the very end of it's life, why can't we? We are to live our life to the fullest, if not we will regret later. The result is not really important, but the effort and the process are the gist of our lives which will make us stronger and mature; we gain wisdom from the experiences too. Besides, we will be able to use all the experiences to comfort others and to advice others. Try your best and let God do the rest! Gambateh!

* I believe there is a reason for this post. *


shi said...

i like tis post!!

oneway said...

Haha... Quite suit your style. Hmm... That's why. Hehe...
U too, keep up the good work and keep trying :)