01 May 2010

The Farewell Speeches :P

Yo girls, this is it. It's kinda hard to upload them in Facebook. Thus, it's in my blog. LOL! Hope that you girls really enjoyed the work in NH and praying that they have taught you much about life. Life isn't about perfect or imperfect in the world standard, it's about how you appreciate what you are having now. The kids may not have what we have, but they are the most innocent, true as you girls had said. Truly hope that the kids have inspired you enough to move on to you next stage of life and I believe, they will remember you in their lives. Come back often during your break. We will be more than happy to receive you. It is indeed a great joy and experience working with you girls. God bless your journey. Till we meet. :D


5-inch-long milk drinker said...

NEW HORIZON!!! GO GO GO! Why only this time got cute girls work there? =P One way, miss you la! Go jogging when i am back ok? Need to get you into top shape for your big day, not to say you're not in good shape now la =P

oneway said...

Yo, my dear brother. Hehe... I'll be going jogging everyday from now if nothing goes wrong with my sister and swimming as well. It's been such a long time since I last being active and aggressive. I guess that contributed to my easily angered and impatient attitude. :D But when you come back sure can go work out. :) When ah? Gotta get u to be my Emcee for the morning ceremony and be my "heng dai" leh. :D